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Milk soap is creamier and more luscious than soap made with water; the lather is more dense and the foam is finer and silkier.  Milk's natural oils and acids increase the moisturizing properties of soap and aid in skin renewal.

Image by Matt Brockie
Image by Curology
Pink Bubbles
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bath bombs

Treat yourself to a fun, fizzy bath treat while pampering your skin with moisturizing and softening ingredients with our effervescent bath bombs!


Our frosted soaps are made with the same luxurious recipes as our unfrosted soaps, but are topped with fun "soap frosting". It's one of our favourites because who doesn't love frosting?

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Jess Bailey


Create a spa in your home with shower steamers!  Shower steamers are activated by the water spray and release fragrance into the air while you shower.  Essential oils are used for these aromatic delights.


That 70s Soap handmade by Soapfistication

Lana B. (Hamilton, ON)

I just wanted to let you know  how MUCH the WHOLE family is enjoying the lilac handsoap! It is AMAZING! Never stop making it!

Handmade soap by Soapfistication

Belinda C. (Toronto, ON)

I purchased a smorgasbord of soaps to give away as gifts as well as some for me. Every single person has loved them. They are beautiful, lovely to use, and honestly just absolutely amazing.

Handmade wine soap by Soapfistication

Tammi D. (Guelph, ON)

Great soap! Smells good! Cleans your hands REALLY WELL! Natural!!!

Natural Bath Bomb by Soapfistication

Kate R. (Hamilton, ON)

This was probably the best smelling bath bomb I've ever used and the rose petals were so elegant. My skin feels amazing and I feel so chill now.

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