Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit

Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit


Paint your own bath bomb with this fun kit!  Kit comes with:

  • 1 bath bomb
  • 1 paint brush
  • 3 paint colours
  • Instructions

The following items are not included in the kit, but may be helpful in your bath bomb painting experience:

  • Rubbing Alcohol / Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or higher) - use this to thin out the paint if it is too thick for you, and as a rinse for the brush in between colours (you should not use water)
  • Paper Towel or other wiping "tool" - use this to wipe off the brush between colours, if needed (this can be used in lieu of rubbing alcohol)


The bath bombs included in the paint your own kit are the same formula we use for all of our luxurious bath bombs, made with avocado oil and cocoa butter.  

  • Price and Currency

    Price is for one paint your own bath bomb kit in Canadian dollars.