Sphere Holders

Sphere Holders


Are you tired of figuring out ways to dry your sphere bath bombs to avoid flat bottoms? I have developed the Sphere Holder tool as a place to keep your sphere bath bombs while they dry so that they have a rounded bottom to dry onto, reducing the risk of developing a flat bottom.  The Sphere Holder also has a base so your holders don't roll all over the place! 


These holders have been successfully tested with spheres up to a 2.5" diameter. Please contact us directly if you are looking for an option for a larger size bath bomb.


This listing is for a batch of 10 Sphere Holders.


Color may vary from photo.


Our sphere holders are made of PLA which is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.  To clean your mold, rinse under cool water and towel dry.  PLA is heat sensitive and can retain water, so molds should never be put in the dishwasher or soaked, and should not be rinsed with warm or hot water.


We do not offer refunds or cancellations on any orders. If you have any issues with any item, please contact us directly, and we will work with you. If you have any quality issues, please contact us directly.

  • Price and Currency

    Price is in Canadian dollars

  • Printing Defects

    There may be slight discoloration or other printing defects on printed products. This will not affect the performance of the product.

  • Cleaning

    Rinse your products under cool water and towel dry to clean. Never soak your holders as they can retain water. Do not place your holders in the dishwasher. PLA is susceptible to heat, so please do not use warm or hot water.